Boy Band Reunion: O-Town’s Surprising Comeback


O-TownDo you remember MTV’s reality show, “Making The Band”? Music manager, Lou Pearlman, famous for his work with ‘N-Sync and the Backstreet Boys, held auditions and had a competition to create the next “big thing” in pop music. O-Town’s show ran for three seasons on MTV and after Season 1, Clive Davis signed them to his label. “Liquid Dreams” and “We Fit Together” both became Top 40 hits, but their smash “All Or Nothing” went certified platinum, hitting #1 all over the world. After two CD’s, boy band music lost its appeal and the O-Town quintet went their separate ways. During the past decade, Lou Pearlman was convicted for a Ponzi money laundering scheme. He’s currently serving a 25 year sentence, but Lou still believes he can make a new boy band while incarcerated.



O-town 2014Flash forward ten years later, TMZ reported a reunion CD was in the works. Ashley Parker Angel, the most recognizable band member, decided he wanted to continue with his solo career but the remaining four in O-Town are back. Their lead single is “Skydive” which just premiered. Each of the guys gets a solo vocal on the inspirational love song which looks like it has major hit potential. Their new CD, “Lines & Circles” has an August 3rd release date. A summer tour is in the works to support the new material. Seeing as everyone is now in their 30’s, what do we call them now? A man-band?