Brand New Depeche Mode “Heaven”, Grohl Directs Soundgarden Video, and Kid Rock!


Depeche-Mode-Heaven-video-608x403Dave Gahan and Depeche Mode are ready to release “Delta Machine”, their new CD on March 26th. The lead single, “Heaven” is a moody, dark, slow burner so I’m curious what direction the band takes on the album. The video is mysterious set in an old church complete with aliens in robes, Illuminati images, and pictures of skulls. It’s a mesmerizing visual treat and opens the video up to lots of questions about the song’s deep meaning.




Kid-Rock-Happy-New-YearKid Rock takes another dip into country music with “Happy New Year”.   The song reminds me of a cross between the laid back feel of  “Picture” with Sheryl Crow and the fun, Southern party vibe of “God Bless Sunday”.  The video depicts Kid Rock as a house party at a NYE party.   Watch for the cameo midway and you’ve got to be laughing at the party favor innuendos and the breakdancers!


soundgarden_by_crooked_steps_tNot sure if I’m in love with this new Soundgarden song but the video deserves your attention. The band released their last album in November and when Dave Grohl heard this song, he contacted Chris Cornell and wanted to produce the video. In Dave’s typical unpredictable style, watch for the Segways, DJ Deadmau5 as a police officer, and some great live footage of one of the greatest grunge bands of all-time.

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  1. OMG I’ve been waiting a long, long time for Depeche Mode’s new video!! It’s a little different from their old stuff but I really LOVE it!! I can’t wait to see them in concert again!! YAY!! I really enjoyed Kid Rock and SoundGarden’s videos as well.. I never heard of either song so thanks!! New music for my iPod!! Sweeeeeet!!!