Brantley Gilbert Shows His Sensitive Side

Brantley Gilbert is headlining a hard-driving summer tour with Luke Combs (“Hurricane”) and Tucker Beathard (“Rock On”).  Brantley is keeping the spirit of Outlaw Country going strong with his new album “The Devil Don’t Sleep”. Hearing Brantley singing new tracks like “Bullet In A Bonfire” and “Tried To Tell Ya” in his leather jacket and brass knuckle necklace will likely maintain his renegade persona but a surprise lost emotional gem also makes its appearance on the new CD.  “You Promised” is a heartbreaking piano ballad about a broken relationship that Brantley wrote six years ago.  It’s a fan favorite but never made it to one of his albums until this year on the deluxe version of “The Devil Don’t Sleep”.   The newly engaged Brantley Gilbert has shown this softer and more tender side on a few of his previous hits including “One Hell Of An Amen”, “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do”, and the spiritual anthem “My Faith In You”, but the dramatic flair on “You Promised” kicks it up a notch.   The song plays out like a closing scene of a movie and those pauses in the melody sting like daggers to your soul.