Breaking Bad Playlist: Top 10 Music Moments

BEST OF MIKE’S DAILY JUKEBOX – originally posted August 2014

Breaking Bad Walter Jesse“Better Call Saul”, the prequel to AMC’s Breaking Bad will be premiering this fall.   Breaking Bad’s story of Walter White, a high school teacher turned meth lab kingpin along with his unpredictable ex-student now sidekick, Jessie, is one of the most gripping and exciting TV shows to come along in years.   Even from the opening episode, the producers recognized the power of a great soundtrack to pump even more energy and drama into the script.   Like Tarantino, some lost treasures and truly obscure songs were added to many of the best Breaking Bad episodes.  When you combine a well written story performed by an incredible cast and add it brilliant editing and music, you can see why Breaking Bad is deserving of so much praise. 
Breaking Bad Cast

Here’s an unranked Top 10 list of the best:    (no big spoilers, but I listed the season and episode #)


Season 1, Episode 7 (the finale)    Gnarls Barkley   “Who’s Gonna Save Your Soul”

Jessie, Heisenberg, and Tuco Salamanca in the junk yard.   Gritty, dark, and intense.


Season 4, Episode 5           Ana Tijoux   “1977”

Jesse and Mike (the hitman) take a drive out in the desert to take care of some “business”


Season 5, Episode 8        Tommy James and the Shondells “Crystal Blue Persuasion”

Essentially the unofficial theme song.   Crystal Blue Persuasion works on so many levels here.


Season 2, Episode 10      TV On The Radio  “DLZ”

The dark transformation from mild mannered husband to the ruthless kingpin, Heisenberg.   One of the best music moments of blending the live action to the ultimate fitting song.    “Stay Out Of My Territory”  – “Say My Name!”


The Breaking Bad Theme Song (Extended Version)

Season 5, Episode 8     Nat King Cole  “Pick Yourself Up”

The phone rings…. “It’s Done”…..a beautiful R&B classic set to one of the most brutal scenes of the whole series.


Season 5, Episode 2     Whitey  “Stay On The Outside”

Remember the Roomba vacuum cleaner and the search for the ricin cigarette?


Season 5, Episode 15 (the finale)   Badfinger   “Baby Blue”


Producer Vince Gilligan saved this 70’s epic for the last Breaking Bad episode.   “I Guess I Got What I Deserved….”    Can you name a show with a better finale that Breaking Bad?   Hard to top perfection


Season 4, Episode 14    Apparat  “Goodbye”

Walter’s showdown with  drug lord and Los Pollos Hermanos’ owner, Gus Fring (video is a spoiler)


Season 3, Episode 12    The Association   “Windy”

Brilliant editing:  taking a poppy 60’s gem and linking it to a montage of Wendy in the parking lot doing what she does best.






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