Breaking New Band: Covet

You may not have heard of a new band named Covet but they’re clearly a group on the rise with a creative new EP and a growing fan base as they tour the U.S. and Japan.  Their low key website introduces the band as simply “3 friends that just want to play music, travel, and have fun.”  One peek at their Facebook page and you can see they’re doing exactly that by going old school and packing a van and touring the country doing shows.  Take a listen to their entrancing first two singles, “Ares” and “Sea Dragon” and you’ll be blown away by their musical talent and creativity.   You can hear the sounds of California surf bands like Sublime, a little dash of Carlos Santana, and some 70s Prog-Rock thrown in the mix.  Their style has been coined “Math Rock”, a rhythmic complex version of guitar dominated rock music.

“SEA DRAGON” – Covet

Covet took the familiar approach to make it big in the music industry today, build up a large following online and then take it to the road.  Frontwoman, Yvette Young, found she had more fans internationally from her solo YouTube clips than those showing up to shows in California.   She released a solo Acoustics EP, but Yvette’s current love is playing with her band, Covet.   It’s virtually impossible to listen to a song like “Sea Dragon” and not get sucked into the dreamlike state of the lush melody but then the intricate guitar licks take you in another mystical direction.  “Ares” demonstrates their more progressive side with a harder edge.  Their debut group EP, Currents, pictured here is currently available on their website:   @covetband @youyve  Thanks to Brandon Polk for turning me on to Covet!

“ARES” – Covet