Brian Johnson’s Last AC/DC Album ?

ACDC Brian Johnson Angus YoungAxl Rose is fronting AC/DC on their current European tour after lead singer Brian Johnson was told he’d lose his hearing forever if he toured again.    How did the fans react?   7000 refund requests can flying into the Belgium ticket offices not wanting to hear Axl destroy the legacy of the ultimate heavy metal band.   Fan reaction hasn’t been positive and some have called it a cash gimmick and “the worst decision AC/DC have ever made.”    Is Brian Johnson officially out of the band?   After spending 36 years as their replacement lead singer for the late great Bon Scott, Brian hasn’t heard from Angus Young and his fate with AC/DC is up in the air.   There are rumors of another album with the original lineup but time will tell.


Rock_or_Bust-ACDCThe last AC/DC album with Brian Johnson as lead singer was their 2014 release, Rock Or Bust.   The lead single “Play Ball” got a little airplay with the tie-in to Major League Baseball but overall the album is usually dismissed quickly in AC/DC’s catalog of epic metal classics.   But on second listen there are definitely a few great AC/DC songs worthy of your ultimate AC/DC playlist.   “Hard Times” has one of those vintage grooves that will stick in your head.   “Rock The Blues Away” almost sounds like a Southern Rock jam from the days of .38 Special.   “Got Some Rock And Roll Thunder” by any other metal band would be a concert favorite, unfortunately AC/DC has such an impressive reputation it’s simply “very good” in comparison.