British Pop Invasion 2015: Neon Jungle & Rixton

Uk Pop Invasion 2014Back in the 60’s, Beatlemania, The Rolling Stones, and The Who invaded American airwaves in the First British Invasion.    The trend continued in the 80’s with the Second U.K. Invasion when a slew of New Wave bands changed the musical landscape.     Now 30 years later, a strong but subtle group of British musical artists have been taking over the pop singles chart.      We already know Adele’s next CD (due this spring) will likely become the biggest selling CD of 2015.    Sam Smith, Emeli Sande, Jessie J, Florence & The Machine, Naughty Boy, Ellie Goulding, and One Direction have been consistently putting out hit after hit in the States.  Watch out! Two brand new U.K. artists are next in line to continue this U.K. pop music takeover in 2015:   Rixton and Neon Jungle



RixtonThis summer Rixton’s debut single, “Me And My Broken Heart”, became one of those pop hits that stuck in your head the first time you heard it.   The four member U.K. boy band was nominated for a Teen Choice Award this year for Breakout Group.    What sets Rixton apart from similar groups are their R&B influences that merge with their pop sound.    When Rixton veers away from their Top 40 trappings and mirror more of a Maroon 5 style, they sound fresh and exciting.    Perfect example:  their latest single “Wait On Me”, which highlights lead singer, Jake Roche’s rich vocal register, is a can’t miss pop hit.



Neon Jungle Welcome ToYou might have to go all the way back to the Spice Girls to find an up and coming U.K. girl group exuding this much “girl power”.   Four young ladies (3 from London, 1 from Scotland) come together to create a unique sound with “wicked harmony”.    On their latest video for “Louder”, you’ll be fixitated on Asami Zdrenka, the daughter of Japanese and English parents, who shines on lead vocals here.   Bringing back those female empowerment anthems of the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child, Neon Jungle is ready to take off in the States.  They’ve been compared to the all-girl pop group, Little Mix, but Neon Jungle show much more potential. If you want to dig a little deeper, check out their softer side on Neon Jungle’s incredible cover of Hozier’s  “Take Me To Church” and their original “Fool Me”.

SHOUT OUT TO KAYLEIGH CURRY for today’s song choices and inspiration!