Bruce Springsteen Covers INXS, Van Halen, and The Bee-Gees!

Tampa 2014, Bruce Springsteen kicked off my stop of his worldwide tour with back-to-back covers of  Earl Robinson’s “Joe Hill” and “Clampdown” by The Clash.   The High Hopes Tour was a fan favorite because the setlist changed so wildly on each stop of the tour.   Fans held up signs of their favorite song (often obscure chestnuts from Springsteen’s catalog) and Bruce would pick them out and perform them impromptu with his illustrious E Street Band keeping pace.    The Tampa show included “Brothers Under The Bridge” (a tour premiere) and “From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)” were chosen.  The latter song features a fitting verse about Tampa!


Each stop on the tour began with a cover song that often matches the location of the venue.   For example, an Australian show opened with AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” and New Zealand’s stop was greeted by Lordes hit, “Royals”.    Today, we’re spotlighting three of the best covers on Springsteen’s High Hopes Tour:

#1   “DON’T CHANGE”   by INXS    (arguably the best non-single the band ever recorded!)

#2   “JUMP”  by  VAN HALEN   (the thirty year old classic sounded fresh with a killer solo by Tom Morello representing Eddie Van Halen’s signature riff)

#3  “STAYIN’ ALIVE” by THE BEE GEES   (Bruce does disco?   The slowed-down intro segues perfectly into the irresistible dance groove and even Springsteen can’t fight it!)


  1. Hey Big D! What’s up! I had seen the videos for Stayin’ Alive and Don’t Change but the “Jump” performance was new to me too!