Bullet For My Valentine Tackle Domestic Violence

55916A6A-bullet-for-my-valentine-Welch Heavy Metal rockers, Bullet For My Valentine, have been a tough band to put a label on their style.   With each new album since 2006, they’ve evolved.    Their latest CD, Venom, combines elements of  thrash, metalcore, catchy choruses, and dare I say a little dash of “emo”.   For their lead single, “You Want A Battle (Here’s A War)”, you’ve got a little bit of each genre in one song.  An aggressive rocker with some well timed Matthew Tuck screams, a vicious guitar riff, and a chorus begging to be sang along at maximum volume.  The music takes on the issue of domestic violence and the aftermath not only on the abused but also the abuser.  Bullet For My Valentine have released videos with a message in the past, “Tears Don’t Fall” and “The Last Fight” and their latest lives up to their legacy.

“YOU WANT A BATTLE (Here’s A War)”