CANDY-O (The Cars): Album Spotlight

The Cars Candy OBoston rockers, The Cars, set the world on fire with their self-titled debut album. described it as a “genuine rock masterpiece”. So how do you follow it up? Many bands hit the sophomore slump and fail to live up to their incredible debut work. The Cars’ 2nd album, Candy-O, is not better than their first album but to many fans, it’s a more creative and brilliant follow-up with some of the band’s most iconic tracks in their catalog.



cars candyoThe album cover featured artwork by Alberto Vargas, a famous painter known for his work in Playboy Magazine. Lucille Ball’s TV daughter in 1962, Candy Moore, is seen all grown up, seductively sprawled on the hood of a Ferrari. Perhaps her name inspired the album’s title? The lead single, “Let’s Go” and the follow-up single, “It’s All I Can Do” both hit the U.S. Top 40. The Cars took their second album to #3 on the Album Charts and went four times platinum by 2001.



Beyond the hits, the 45 Single, Double Life and the title track, both became classic rock radio staples as the band showed signs of growth with experimental new sounds. Side Two ended with “Got A Lot On My Head” and “Dangerous Type” arguably two of the greatest tracks Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr ever composed. It’s a worthy successor to The Cars incredible debut and an essential guitar rock classic disc to add to your collection.

Side one

“Let’s Go” – 3:33

“Since I Held You” – 3:16
“It’s All I Can Do” – 3:44

“Double Life” – 4:14
“Shoo Be Doo” – 1:36
“Candy-O” – 2:36

Side two

“Nightspots” – 3:15
“You Can’t Hold on Too Long” – 2:46
“Lust for Kicks” – 3:52
“Got a Lot on My Head” – 2:59
“Dangerous Type” – 4:28