Careless Whisper in Italian?: George Michael, Seether, Sexy Sax Guy, Jernardo

George-Michael-Careless-WhisperRecently at a favorite Italian restaurant where they play vintage foreign music along with covers of American hit songs sung in Italian, a very familiar 80’s song came on in a foreign language as the chicken parmigiana and garlic knots arrived. George Michael’s song, Careless Whisper, went platinum six times over and has spawned many great cover versions. Sax players, Dave Koz and Kenny G, each recorded versions that highlighted Steve Jordan’s sexy, hypnotic solo. Tamia, Montell Jordan, and Brian McKnight have added their soulful voices to the mix. Pop singers like Bananarama and even Barry Manilow took a stab at the 80’s classic.  Rockers, Seether and Barenaked Ladies, recognized the power of the melody and keep the song as a staple in their concert set list for years.

BROOKE2Careless Whisper” actually began as a Wham! song but George Michael released it as his first solo release. After being named the #1 hit of 1985 by Billboard Magazine, George wrote that he’s upset the public loves his song so much. “It disappoints me that you can write a lyric very flippantly – and not a particularly good lyric – and it can mean so much to so many people. That’s disillusioning for a writer.” Another fun fact about the song, Brooke Shields recently said that she always felt the song was written about her after she and George broke up in the 80’s. What’s more shocking, George’s comment about his beloved classic or that Brooke “dated” George Michael and Michael Jackson?