Celebrity Cameos – Bon Jovi Edition

Which member of the TV show friends was in a Bon Jovi video TWICE?   Or how about the Bon Jovi clip where the band meets The Terminator, Emilio Estevez, and Claudio Schiffer in one epic MTV favorite?   The music video anthology of the New Jersey rockers has been loaded with celebrity cameos.  Supermodel Cindy Crawford, Carla Gugino (Watchman, Sin City, San Andreas), Keri Russell (The Americans, Felicity), Wes Bentley (American Beauty, The Hunger Games), and Linda Hamilton-look like Beth Toussaint (Dallas, Young and The Restless) have all appeared in Bon Jovi favorites.

“ALWAYS”    The ultimate 90’s power ballad was loaded with celebrities.   My celebrity crush, Carla Gugino, appears in a love triangle video here with Keri Russell and actor Jack Noseworthy.  The video was on heavy rotation on MTV and was bolstered by the popularity of the actors in the dramatic mini-motion picture.

“PLEASE COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS”     I can just hear how painful this concept must have been for Jon, “We’d like you to pretend to be Cindy Crawford’s boyfriend and film some romantic home videos in between some hot and heavy makeout sessions”.   I’m guessing his wife gave him a free pass for this hard day at work.

“SHE DON’T KNOW ME”     If you guessed the woman in this video is Linda Hamilton from The Terminator, you’re not alone.   It’s actually Elizabeth Toussaint who played Tracey Lawton on “Dallas” and Hope Wilson on “TYATR”.

“SAY IT ISN’T SO”    A cavalcade of celebrity cameos get the spotlight here.  The Guvinator, Emilio Estevez, Matt LeBlanc, and another supermodel, Claudio Schiffer are featured in this song from Bon Jovi’s 2000 CD, Crush.

“MIRACLE”     From the Young Guns 2 Soundtrack, Matt LeBlanc gets the starring role here.  He’s appeared in other high profile music videos over the years including Bob Seger’s “Night Moves”.

“WHAT DO YOU GOT?”    Remember that quiet quirky neighbor on “American Beauty”?   That’s Wes Bentley starring in a track from Bon Jovi’s greatest hits package in 2010.