Check Out Something Different: The Kooks and Faber Drive

The_Kooks_Shine_OnBrighton pop rockers, The Kooks, sound like a mix of the Arctic Monkeys, Pete Doherty, and a little bit of The Kinks all rolled up into one band. This may actually be the band’s biggest downfall, their sound is all over the place and after three albums, The Kooks remain a virtual unknown commodity in the States. Here’s a track from their 2008 CD, Konk, which hit #1 in the U.K. but only #41 here in the U.S.



faberIt’s hard to tell the pop punk bands apart sometimes. Neon Trees, Metro Station, and Faber Drive each have that familiar Warped Tour sound with big guitars and pop vocals about love and heartbreak. Faber Drive is from British Columbia, Canada, and have been very successful in the native land after being signed by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. On their second CD, Seven Second Surgery, the band hit it big with multiple hits featured on the U.S. TV show, Kyle XY. Did you know Seven Second Surgery was a working title for the band prior to choosing Faber Drive, named after their lead singer, Dave Faber.