Chester Bennington Joins Stone Temple Pilots, Fort Minor

STP-Chester-BMike Shinoda, Rob Bourden, and Brad Delson started a band called Xero in California during high school.   They added DJ Joe Hahn, aka Mr Hahn, to add a new electronic element to the band.   As a final touch, Chester Bennington and his dynamic, hard rock style was recruited for the perfect missing piece.  They were originally called Hybrid Theory but the label had them change their name to Linkin Park.   From these small beginnings, Linkin Park has sold over 50 million records and were chosen VH-1’s winner of the best artist of the 2000’s in a recent competition.

Fort+MinorIn Linkin Park, you’ve got a combination of artists with wildly different musical influences.   When they team up, you’ve got multiple genres blending together in creative compilations that have kept Linkin Park on top.   But during down periods, the band members have encouraged each other to explore their personal music passions and have worked on popular side projects.   Chester had a band called Dead By Sunrise and just recently replaced Scott Weiland as the lead singer of a revamped Stone Temple Pilots.    From the video included, Chester discusses his love of S.T.P. and when the opportunity arose to join the band, he jumped at the chance.  But he also mentioned that Linkin Park is still his #1 priority.  Of course, Mike Shinoda has hit #1 on the charts with his side project, Fort Minor.   Mike and Mr Hahn teamed up with turntable masters, The X-ecutioners for an explosive hip hop jam called “It’s Going Down”.