Chris Cornell with the Zac Brown Band?

zac-brown-band-jekyll-hydeLast year, the Zac Brown Band surprised everyone with an EP produced by Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters/Nirvana).   The country rockers have been consistently bouncing back and forth between their country roots and the beach party sound of Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett.   But this EP The Grohl Sessions – Volume 1 demonstrated the Zac Brown Band know how to turn up the electric guitars and really rock.   They kept the momentum going by returning the favor to Dave by guest starring on the Foo Fighters song, “Congregation”, from their recent album, Sonic Highways.

“HEAVY IS THE HEAD”  Zac Brown Band with Chris Cornell

Zac-Brown-Chris-CornellIf you thought this might be a one time gimmick, get ready for their latest collaboration.   Grohl’s friend and fellow Seattle grunge rocker, Chris Cornell, appeared with the band on Saturday Night Live for their latest single “Heavy Is The Head”.  The song is getting big time airplay on ROCK radio and the single is one of the highlights on Zac Brown Band’s upcoming CD, Jekyll + Hyde, coming out April 29th.   The new album kicked off with the sentimental lead single “Homegrown”, a beautiful traditional country hit that has become one of Zac Brown Band’s quickest rising hits.  Other CD highlights:  a duet with Sara Bareilles, an acoustic version of “Tomorrow Never Comes”, and a special military tribute songs named “Dress Blues”.   The band is on tour this summer, check out the dates at :

“HOMEGROWN” Zac Brown Band