A Christian Song Breaks a Billboard Record – Hillside United & Amy Grant

“OCEANS”     Hillsong United

Calm Ocean SunsetIf you’re a Christian music fan, then please forgive my ignorance here.   For the first time, I heard a beautiful, charismatic, moving song called “Oceans (Where My Feet My Fail)” by a group named Hillsong United.   The song opens with a wonderful cello introduction and  describes the quiet calm and majesty on the open seas.  If you’re a secular music fan like I am, you’ll love the sweet harmony and the hypnotic melodic tone and will not be overwhelmed by the message.  But Christian Music fans will recognize that during these reflective moments, your mind and heart open to God and his amazing creations.  The song recently set a Billboard record by becoming the first openly Christian-themed song to make it onto the new Hot 100 Singles Chart.  Hillsong United is an Australian worship group.  Different lead singers are highlighted on various tracks of their new CD, but the lead singer of “Oceans” is the shy, introverted young singer named Taya Smith.    The song has been remixed multiple times including an exciting dub-version but the original is brilliant.





amy grant better than a hallelujah80’s music fans remember the wholesome pop vocals of Amy Grant.  “Baby Baby”, “Every Heartbeat”, “That’s What Love Is For”, and her duet “Next Time I Fall” with Peter Cetera were all huge Top 40 crossover hits for the Queen of Christian Music.  In fact, Amy’s pop album, Hearts In Motion, went platinum five times over. In 2000, Amy married country music superstar, Vince Gill, and returned to her first love, spiritual music.  After a decade of greatest hits repackaging collections, Amy returned in 2010 with her first epic album in years, Somewhere Down The Road.   Recorded at her new home studio with Vince Gill, the CD cover contained a Amy Grant original painting. The album featured a duet with her daughter, Sarah Chapman, a cover of the Byrds’ 60’s gem, Turn Turn Turn, and an amazing spiritual anthem “Better Than A Hallelujah”.   The romantic, moving music video is so remarkable and will clearly touch your soul of anyone with a heart.