Classic 1983 MTV Metal: Early Def Leppard, KISS, Dokken


def-leppard_PyromaniaPyromania was the multi-platinum album that first meshed British Heavy Metal with the glam metal hair bands of the 80’s. The Mutt Lange produced album went Diamond (over 10 million copies sold) and the stylish Def Leppard videos dominated the early days of MTV. Who can forget Joe Elliott’s Union Jack shirt and the trio of guitar heroes. “Foolin”, “Photograph”, “Rock Of Ages”, and “Too Late For Love” took turns as the most requested video of the day on the up and coming music channel. One sad note in this classic video is drummer Rick Allen seen here prior to the accident which took his arm.


Dokken-Breakin' The Chains-FrontDokken made their biggest mark in 1984 with their Tooth & Nail album but the title track, “Breaking The Chains” on their 1983 album, introduced the world to the metal duo, Don Dokken and George Lynch. Two extremely talented musicians, Don (vocals) and George (lead guitar) looked for a creative way to market their new band and as a publicity stunt conjured up a fight between each other. On MTV’s “That Metal Show” they later confessed, that make believe fight was something they actually started to believe and ultimately broke up the band over their quarrels.


Kiss-Lick-It-UpSometimes what you wish for isn’t what you wanted all along. After a decade of selling out stadiums, millions of records sold worldwide, and marketing their band as the most commercially successful band of their era, KISS shocked their fans by stripping away their signature makeup for their 1983 album, Lick It Up. Unfortunately for most of the KISS Army and millions of MTV viewers, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley without their makeup are some disturbing looking individuals. Haters called Gene, “one ugly mofo” and Paul lost the sex appeal of his alter-ego. Regardless of their “new look”, “Lick It Up” became an 80’s rock classic and a magical music moment.