What Were They Thinking? J. Geils Band, Sheena Easton, Moving Pictures


Sheena-Easton-Modern-GirlRemember those old high school pictures of you? The ones with the weird hairstyle, the “what was he thinking” outfit? Thankfully we can hide those photos in an album and store them away in a closet. Unfortunately, if you were one of the lucky ones to have a music career back in the early days of MTV, your most embarrassing moments live forever online in Classic VH1 video clips. Here’s the beautiful Scottish lash, Sheena Easton, in a striking purple jumpsuit with a flashy pink belt and matching pink boots! Who thought that outfit made her look good?


jgeilsbandlovestinksIf you don’t have a lot of money for special effects, you’ve got to improvise. The big technology trick they utilize here is making Peter Wolf look really big by casting his shadow onto the wall. You remember those hand puppet bunnies you’d make with a flashlight, who knew you could land a video on MTV with these technical skills? The video producer also gets tricky with the color button and experiments a little at the end. Despite the visuals and the cheesy synthesizer solo, the J Geils Band still rocks here!


Moving-Pictures-–-What-About-MeThere’s a Saturday Night Live skit starring Ben Stiller that jokes about how long V-neck shirts can go before they become outrageous. Sadly, the director for Moving Pictures’ video for What About Me didn’t get to the clip before making this. This video has a deep plot so listen closely while I decipher it to you. A little boy walks into a store and wants to buy candy but the cashier is too busy reading the paper to notice him. This breaks the heart of the lead singer so he gets 3 minutes of face time to anguish over the little boy’s pain in having to wait. Sadly after a drum solo with the world’s largest drums, the boy is still without his candy. Cliffhanger: did he ever get his chocolate? We’ll never know.