Coldplay Goes Disco….And It’s Awesome!


Adventure Of A Lifetime Coldplay“Oh you make me feel like I’m alive again….everything you want is a dream away.” Chris Martin penned this words for the energetic and upbeat lead single from Coldplay’s upcoming seventh album, A Head Full Of Dreams. This isn’t your pensive and cerebral 2003 version of Coldplay. “Adventure Of A Lifetime” is a party anthem driven by a funky disco/rock groove guaranteed to get you out on the dance floor. Who knows what direction the new album will sound like but the song has been jumping up the charts and fans can’t wait for the December 7th release date. No music video has been released yet but look for an update on November 27th.  #coldplay

“IMAGINE” For Paris – Coldplay

This weekend, Coldplay paid tribute to the survivors of the November 13th terrorist attack in Paris with a beautiful cover of the ultimate song of peace, love, and togetherness. John Lennon’s lyrics were written over 40 years ago and the sentiment couldn’t be more fresh and timely. We all inhabit the same planet and need each other to grow and flourish. Never surrender, never give up on hope and dreams, and always take time out each day to cherish the ones you love.  #prayforparis