Coldplay – Kaleidoscope EP Review (Track by Track)

The great thing about releasing an EP is you get the the chance to experiment a little, release some tracks that just didn’t fit on an another album, and not feel forced to spend forever in the studio.   Coldplay stepped outside of their box a little with their latest EP, Kaleidoscope.  The new EP isn’t exactly groundbreaking but a nice stopgap between album releases and a curious grab bag of disjointed songs.    Chris Martin considers it a companion piece to their last album, “A Head Full Of Dreams” just as they did with “Prospekt’s March” released after “Viva La Vida”.

“ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS YOU”  –  Loving the Radiohead vibe in the opening minute and Coldplay’s signature piano interlude to close the somber song.   It’s very atmospheric and while it won’t blow you away it’s definitely a keeper.       Grade  B

“MIRACLES (Something Special)”   –  Big Sean adds a nice flavor with his subdued vocals on the track.  “And I’ll keep dancing all night long”…..definitely the most upbeat and FUN track on the EP.    Grade  A-

“A L I E N S” –  Coldplay enlisted Brian Eno to co-write the most psychedelic song on the EP.   The space-age electronica beats are a little off-putting and distract from the lyrics and a return to that typical Coldplay sound at the end can’t save this one.   Definitely an experiment gone wrong.    Grade  D+

“SOMETHING LIKE THIS (Tokyo Remix)”  –  Their monster EDM hit with The Chainsmokers gets treated to an audience sing-along version for their massive world tour.  It’s really unnecessary and EP filler, stick to the original or Chris’s solo version at the Manchester One concert.    Grade B-

“HYPNOTISED”   –  Saved the best for last!   A glorious piano introduction and a soaring uplifting chorus highlight a beautiful ballad that calls to mind “Fix You”.    This will be a huge concert favorite!    Grade  A