When Comedians Do Karaoke – “The Comedy Jam”

Actors and comedians want to sing, athletes want to be actors, singers want to act…. never-ending story of no matter how successful you are in your field, you always have dreams about another career.  A new series on the Comedy Central Network is called  “The Comedy Jam” brings this to life each Wednesday night.   The thirty minute show features three big name comedians including Jim Breuer (SNL), Bijou Phillips, Jay Pharoah, Bobby Lee (Mad TV), Chris Hardwick (The Talking Dead), and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) who get a chance to live out a lifelong dream of becoming a rockstar for a night.  Each comedian tells a five minute story about how a certain song made such a huge moment in their life and then they sing (or do their best attempt at karaoke!) backed by the Comedy Jam Band. This isn’t a lip sync show, they’re actually rocking out.


“WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE”  Chris Hardwick with Richie Sambora

Here’s the big twist of “The Comedy Jam”:  most of the performances feature an “impromptu” guest appearance by the actual singer!   For example, Mark Duplaiss told a story about his first crush in middle school and asking a much taller girl to slow dance to REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling”.   While he performed the iconic 80s power ballad, Kevin Cronin came out from backstage and joined him on the chorus!   Rob Halford teamed up with Jim Breuer for Judas Priest’s classic “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park came out for “In The End”, and DMX joined Jay Pharoah. Even Natalie Maines of the Dixie Checks joined comedian Fortune Feimster (best known from the Chelsea Handler show and The Mindy Project) for “Goodbye Earl”.   The level of music is a little rough but there’s a ton of laughs and hearing the stories adds a lot of heart to the performances!