Coolest Rock & Roll Dog Ever: Lou Dog with Sublime, Pepper, Dirty Heads


Lou Dog was the canine mascot for Sublime.  In fact, when you think about Sublime, Lou Dog is one of the first images that comes to mind.  He was an abused Dalmation puppy who was adopted by Brad Nowell (the lead singer of Sublime).  Lou Dog was often seeing roaming the stage during their concerts. He gets featured on the cover of some of the band’s biggest CD’s including their retrospective boxset.  Songs like “Garden Grove”, “What I Got”, “I Love My Dog”, and “Caress Me Down” actually sing about Lou Dog.  Brad loved his dog and being a big dog lover myself, here’s a video tribute to the coolest rock and rock dog ever!



Southern California surf bands have been around since Jan & Dean and the Beach Boys in the 1960’s.   In the 1990’s, a laid-back, alternative reggae style movement began with the rise of Sublime.   Following the death of Brad Newell, Pepper has taken the mantle as the next best thing to Sublime.    From their major label debut CD, Kona Town (named after a part of Hawaii where some of the band is from), here’s an early video for “Too Much”.


You can feel the Sublime influence all over any Dirty Heads CD. Their blending of reggae, ska, punk, and even a little hip hop are featured on their 2012 album, “Cabin By The Sea”. The lyrics on “Spread Too Thin” describe how life gets too stressful and it’s time to chill and take life less seriously. In the video after a series of images of a rough day, everybody’s heading to the beach at the end of the song to kick back and just enjoy the sunset with good friends.