Corey Taylor Solo Concert Review (Clearwater)

Corey Taylor MikesdailyjukeboxIf you missed Corey Taylor’s 2016 solo acoustic tour, you’re not alone. One of busiest men in Heavy Metal, Corey is preparing his summer tour with Slipknot, doing promotion for his third book, and even snuck in a couple of acting cameos in the past couple months. But for two special nights in Minneapolis and Clearwater, Florida, Corey played a couple intimate gigs for the fans that showcased his softer side and musical diversity. Ironically or cosmically, the opening night coincided with the day Prince died. Corey was set to play at the legendary First Avenue Club made famous in Prince’s movie, Purple Rain. Can you imagine what ran through Corey’s mind that night? At the Clearwater show, he confessed that he cried for about eight hours and was so nervous to play that night. He opened with “Purple Rain” and surprised himself that he didn’t lose it for the fans. Three days later he was off to Florida for the second show.

Corey Taylor SnuffOn April 24, 2016 at the Capital Theater in downtown Clearwater, the small venue was sold out. Corey came out on stage alone dressed in jeans and a t-shirt that read “Stop Making Stupid People Famous” (he told us that the makers of the shirt have been promoting Corey wearing it but he doesn’t have anything to do with it). For almost an hour, Corey kept the houselights on. After taking about ten minutes to tell some funny stories about how crazy his day has went, Corey did a question and answer session with the fans! Many of the fans were wearing Slipknot t-shirts and questions ranged from the upcoming tour, the inspiration for Snuff (the death of bassist Paul Gray), to who are some of Corey’s greatest influences (Weird Al Yankovic??). You could feel the mutual love between the crowd and Corey and his detailed review of the latest Star Wars film was something you don’t get to experience at just any old concert.

“SNUFF (Acoustic)” Corey Taylor

For the next two hours, Corey went on to play 22 songs in just over two hours. Opening with Van Morrison’s “I’ll Be Your Lover”, he went on to play eight Stone Sour songs, one Slipknot (Snuff), and 13 diverse covers. Highlights included a passionate version of the Foo Fighters “Best Of You” that had Corey punched the sky after he finished the song telling us, “my respect for Dave Grohl just grew more trying to sing that one!” New songs not played in Minneapolis was “Friend Of The Devil” (Grateful Dead), “Hard Luck Woman” (KISS), a country medley of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” with “Mystery Train”, and a hilarious unknown song with chicken noises called “Farm Song” by LSD. Hearing favorites like “Zzyzx Road” and “Through Glass” in the intimate unplugged setting was truly magical and captured Corey at his best.

Fans would have loved to Corey play for another hour and despite some funny repeated requests to play some “Reba”, Corey ended the night with back to back tributes to two of the greatest musicians of our time. He introduced “Take It Easy” as delicious junk food and had the audience singing along at maximum volume at the classic Glenn Frey lines like “we may lose and we may win but we’ll never be here again” as the goosebumps rose on everyone’s arms. The set ended like in Minneapolis with a lively version of Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” that perfectly captured the feel-good spirit of the night. It was truly a special show unlike any other unplugged show I’ve seen. In just two months, Corey will be back in Tampa, FL the first week in July with Slipknot and Marilyn Manson.

“BEST OF YOU” Corey Taylor