Daft Punk And Their Interstellar Anime Love Affair


Something a little off the radar today, an animated music video from Daft Punk from 2003 for inclusion in a Sega Genesis video game.   The French Electro-Funk duo best known for their hits “Get Lucky” with Pharrell Williams and “One More Time” take us on an interstellar romantic journey for “Something About Us”.   Given it’s an electronic song with a downbeat style performed by two guys wearing spacesuit helmets, you may not think you’ll feel a lot of emotion here but there’s something magical about the blending of the visuals with the music here.  Many of the YouTube comments mention lines like “Honestly cried watching this one” or “did the mistake of cutting onions while watching this”.   The song was included on the band’s album, Discovery, which served as a promotion for their 2003 animated film, “Interstella 555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5system”.   There is a funky Cherokee Remix version that blends in the sound of crashing waves that’s definitely worth checking out after watching the emotional original single.


“SOMETHING ABOUT US (Cherokee Remix)”  – Daft Punk