Daughtry To Co-Headline Tour with 3 Doors Down: P.O.D. tapped as Opening Act

Daughtry and 3 Doors Down are teaming up for a winter tour of the United States. Both two bands have large fan bases of dedicated followers, so this collaboration should turn out to be one of the best rock concerts to end 2012. Daughtry is playing in support of their “Break The Spell” Cd released earlier this year. Three Doors Down are releasing their greatest hits compilation just in time for Black Friday. The two bands share a common sound and theme, so it’s surprising to hear that P.O.D. and their hardcore Warriors will be the opening act. Their latest CD, Murdered Love, hasn’t sold as well as previous CDs but there are some intense album tracks that should be dynamic in concert. Click here for tour dates.

The first Daughtry song that totally blew me away. These lyrics have touched so many people (including myself). The video’s theme of redemption and true romance brings hope to the brokenhearted and it’s my favorite Daughtry video so far. If you haven’t seen it in awhile, let the video play to its beautiful conclusion.


Many military personnel drew inspiration from this song from 3 Doors Down, “Away From the Sun” CD.   The song was written to remind those far away that even though distance physically separates us, they are always with us in mind, heart, and spirit.   Here’s a version of the song with an orchestra and the lovely Sara Evans.

San Diego’s passionate reggae-influenced, Christian hard rockers, P.O.D., remind us of their teen anthem, “Youth Of The Nation” was their latest release. “Beautiful” has such deep meaning. For those downtrodden, depressed, and thinking that life is too much, Sonny (the lead singer) implores you to look deep inside, find the inner strength to move past the temporary pain. Check out these lyrics:   “too weak, too weary to try
too angry inside, well so am i
I’m all alone with nobody else
I’m so in need of help, i keep reminding myself

that life is beautiful
so share a little love with the whole wide world
every boy and girl sing along ”

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  1. “Beautiful” by P.O.D. is my favorite!!!! and of course Daughtry and Three Doors Down. All of these songs are pretty amazing!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀