Day 1 of Mike’s Daily Jukebox: The Beatles, Linkin Park, Elton John

Day 1:   Music has affected my life daily.   My IPOD has close to 20,000 songs on it!   I’ve been to almost 200 concerts.   I’ve had friends in bands, the music industry, and love hearing new music or finding “hidden treasures” in the past.    Today, I’m starting a daily blog of some favorites. Tuesdays will feature the latest new videos to premiere. Metal Mondays and throwback Thursdays will also be featured. Let’s kick it off with three all-time favorites:

“REVOLUTION”                     THE BEATLES

My favorite Beatles LP was the White Album.   An amazing collection of  rock, country, punk, humor, blues, pop music all on 2 magnificent albums.     There are 3 versions of Revolution, a slowed down version on the White Album, the harder rock version that I’m sharing here, and John Lennon’s eclectic Revolution #9.  The Beatles forever changed music, culture, and the world. There is no better band to introduce my new website!

“IN THE END”                  LINKIN PARK

I’ve seen Linkin Park in concert more than any other artist.  Today, music mashups are the latest craze. Linkin Park’s dynamic mix of Mike Shinoda’s hip hop style with the blistering vocals of Chester Bennington is the perfect blend of two genres.  When Linkin Park released their breakthrough CD, Hybrid Theory in 2002 they were touring as part of the OZZFest lineup.  Many thought they were just another Nu-Metal band that would quickly fade away like Limp Bizkit.  Ten years later, they’re still creating great music.   “In The End” is my cure for any bad day. 

“YOUR SONG 2002”                    ELTON JOHN

The first 45 I ever owned was “Your Song” by Elton John.   A brilliant song written by Bernie Taupin that got a makeover in 2002 as a charity single for Tsunami Relief.  This new version features opera singer, Alessandro Safina, plus a children’s choir that exponentially amplifies the emotions.  “Your Song” has stood the test of time. For all of Elton and Bernie’s amazing epic singles, who would have guessed their first song would remain their ultimate collaboration. If you’ve never heard this 2002 version, it deserves a listen!

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