Deliver Me: Opera mixes with modern music: U2, Pavarotti, Sarah Brightman, Elton John, Martina McBride, Jim Brickman


One of the most accomplished and powerful voices in music history, Sarah Brightman can hit THREE octaves and has recorded in almost a dozen different languages.   She’s the voice of “Phantom Of The Opera”, “Evita”, “Cats”, and is the go-to soprano for many of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s epic productions.    I’m not a big fan of classical music or Broadway but I caught a duet of Sarah with of all people, KISS’ Paul Stanley, and wanted to learn more.    I was reminded of her breathtaking earthquake charity single, Deliver Me, complete with a angelic choir and backing by Enya.    


When people tell me they hate country music or they hate rap,……I often tell them, it may not be your favorite genre but I take as a challenge to find some crossover song that they’d love.  For me, operatic music can be painful to my ears.   My iPod of 20,000 songs has about 15 opera type songs on it, but there is something so magical about the collaboration with Bono and Pavarotti on “Miss Sarajavo”.    A song about the war-torn starving people who struggled to survive while the Serbian/Bosnian political conflict raged on for years.   During a Miss Bosnia beauty pageant, one contestant held up a sign saying “Don’t Let Them Kill Us”.     The imagery is striking and captured in this video.


Flipping channels on your TV, you might have stumbled across the PBS Telethons to raise money to keep their network on the air.   Jim Brickman was featured on a PBS special, Jim is a subtle master at the piano and has created some of most beautiful romantic love songs of all-time.    He’s collaborated with artists as diverse as Olivia Newton John, Christian artist Michael W. Smith, Lady Antebellum, even Wayne Brady had a big hit with Brickman.   His music has been described as “new age”, greeting card music, but there is no denying the power of his first and biggest hit with Martina McBride.


In case you missed my very first blog, here’s Elton John singing one of my all-time favorite songs, remixed with a children’s choir and opera superstar, Alessandro Safina.  Click the above link to see an incredible piece of music history.


  1. Yes, Valentine wasn’t opera but I just thought it mixed in well with these songs. The fun thing about the website is I can have these different themes on whatever mood I’m into. You’ll really love tomorrow’s theme, I know you’ve had some experience there.

  2. I really, really love this!! I love anything Sarah Brightman sings. My goodness her voice gives me major goose bumps!! I love opera music very much… the combo with U2 and Pavarotti is amazing!!Elton John and Alessandro is one of my favorites too but actually out of all of these sings my pick of the day is “Valentine”. That song seriously touched me.:) This was a unique music commentary Mike. I loved everything about this blog!! Keep it coming!! ^_^