Disco Flashback: Do The Hustle, Chic, Evelyn Champagne King, Indeep


Do you remember when you first heard this song?  I remember being a little kid at a friend’s house and this song came on the transistor radio in their kitchen.    His mom and dad smiled then broke out their disco moves just like it was a scene out of a 70’s movie!   You’ve got to love the innocence of these old dance records that just wanted to create a party vibe and get your dancing shoes out on the floor.   One of my favorite instrumentals, except for a few chants of  “do the hustle”, it’s just a fantastic synthesizer groove full of positive energy.



Last week I ranted about bands not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.   Chic is one of the most influential bands of all-time.   Niles Rodgers and Bernard Edwards not only paved the way for rock music merging with disco, they went on to produce so many of the biggest hits of the 80’s.  David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, Duran Duran’s “The Reflex”, Madonna’s Like A Virgin album, INXS’ “Original Sin”…… Chic combined a disco groove with rock guitars.  “Good Times”, “I Want Your Love”, “Dance Dance Dance”, they helped define the Disco Era.


“Love Come Down” and “Shame” were the shining moments in Evelyn’s career.    This song has been covered and sampled so many times, you’ve got to respect the powerful original version that started it all.    Featured in the underrated Kate Beckinsale film, “The Last Days of Disco”, “Shame” is one of those songs where you’re caught up in the frenzy right from the opening notes.    The magic of disco was the “forget about the world” vibe it generated.   If you’re not moving and grooving to this one, turn it up louder!


Mariah Carey covered this song in her infamous Glitter movie complete with Fabolous and Busta Rhymes joining on the chorus.   I love Mariah but this wasn’t her best career move. Do you remember when Mariah’s movie soundtrack came out? 9/11/01….. The original song by Indeep was actually released in 1983 after disco was pronounced “dead and gone”.  Yet, the song is a perfect reminder of the carefree, sexual, non-stop party days of Studio 54, Saturday Night Fever, and strobe lights that helped define the 1970’s disco craze.






  1. Mel, I have to agree~! I myself have also been reminiscing on ‘good’, ‘innocent’ times…… those were the good old days….funny our parents would say the same with their songs 😀 “Shame~?” OMGoodnessssssss, I still remember dancing to that one at Sarin’s house on Buffalo….Sammy, Mari & Lucy can tell you 😀 ……Oh my….where is all that energy~? I could make it through the whole song without stopping 😀 😀
    Mike….have really enjoyed the oldies….. 😀

  2. Mr. P, you are truly unbelievable!!! I just spent the last 30 minutes reminiscing about such wonderful times I had in the 70’s. Such innocent, good times!! In second grade I attended P.S. 20 in Queens, New York. “The Hustle” came out about that time and I remember the school would have the students head out to the court yard. We would line up and do the hustle!!! It was such an amazing time!! I would always look forward to Friday’s recess time. :)))) Chic was my favorite. 😀 and “Shame” was one of my favorite songs. I remember dancing in my room to all of these songs!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 You really made my night!! Thanks Mike!!!