Discover The Soulful Voice of Mr Probz

“Waves” by German DJ extraordinaire Robin Schulz topped the European singles charts worldwide and became a Top 10 hit in the U.S. The hypnotic electronic jam has a smooth R&B edge that created the perfect laid-back vibe. “Waves” featured the vocals of Mr. Probz, a Dutch Hip Hop artist who won Best New Artist in The Netherlands in 2010. Outside of this massively successful song, you’d be hard pressed to name another song by Mr. Probz especially in the United States. It’s a shame became his soulful baritone voice is a throwback to the days of Teddy Pendergrass and Bill Withers.

Dennis Princewell Stehr is the full name for Mr. Probz and so far he’s only released one under the radar album, The Treatment, in 2013 in his native country. The singles, “I’m Right Here”, “Turning Tables”, and “Gold Days” never broke out and he’s reeling in relative obscurity again. Thankfully, other artists like Robin Schulz have recognized Mr. Probz’ talent and featured him on their songs. Here are four tracks to introduce you to such a talented singer. For the sake of brevity, you may want to also check out the upbeat “Another You” with Armin van Buuren and “Birds Fly” with Hardwell.

One of the most beautiful songs of the past decade reached #1 in The Netherlands, #3 in Belgium, and barely raised an eyebrow anywhere else. How is this possible? A gorgeous romantic vocal merged with a feel-good beat that showcases Mr. Probz’ falsetto on the chorus, it should have been his breakout hit.

A menacing guitar intro sets the stage for a reflective song on the choices you’ve made in life. Dennis digs deep and moves your emotions by 100% buying into the story here. It’s one of those songs that takes your mind to another place and refuses to let go.

“GONE” With Anderson Paak
Anderson is a recent Grammy nominee for Best Contemporary Urban Album. After working with the likes of Dr. Dre and The Game, Anderson teamed up with Mr. Probz for the hip hop track, “Gone”. You could easily hear an artist like Kendrick Lamar recording a club banger like “Gone” with the merging of old school R&B with today’s modern rap.

“Staring at my rearview wondering how I made it out, Took the road less traveled giving, thanks to the gravel that got me here.

I couldn’t shed no tears through the pain and the suffering, why bother now.

Didn’t waste my time on it, they’re just tears gone bad”

Released in May 2017, the powerful tale of a life gone wrong is only intensified by Mr. Probz’ gritty vocals bouncing off that angry blues riff.