Disney’s Jacob Latimore & new Gaslight Anthem


Jacob Latimore Heartbreak Heard All OverPop stars are a dime a dozen this days.   But for every flash in the pan, every now and then, an artist like Usher goes the distance.   The latest R&B contender is 18 year old, Jacob Latimore.  Jacob’s a triple threat artist, dancer, singer, and actor.   Disney’s  “So Random” and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne are just two of his TV appearances.    Back in 2006, Jacob released his first single “Bestfriends” but his latest jam could be his breakthrough hit.    Featuring backing vocals by Auto-Tune master, T-Pain, “Heartbreak Heard Around The World” has a smooth R&B sound similar to Mario.   You’ve even got some Chris Brown-like choreography at the end of the video, although I’m not sure if Jacob needed to break out the heelies for the video.

“GET HURT” The Gaslight Anthem

Gaslight AnthemThe Gaslight Anthem are taking a risk with their new CD. When you change your sound and image, you run the risk of alienating your core audience. The new CD, “Get Hurt” (August 19th) will feature a harder rock sound. Lead singer, Brian Fallon told Rolling Stone Magazine, “I wanted to figure out how far you can go without pissing people off.” Finding inspiration from Pearl Jam’s No Code CD, the new material should be more aggressive and guitar oriented. The first video for the CD’s title track is passionate, moody, and intriguing and definitely different than any other Gaslight Anthem song to date. The wild dancing in the club as Brian rips into the chorus is dramatic and unforgettable.