“Do You Remember” Songs: Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews, Jay Sean, There For Tomorrow, Chris Thompson


Chris Thompson sang the movie theme song for “The Champ”, a 1979 film that has been labeled “the saddest movie ever”. It starred a pre-teen Ricky Schroeder, as the son of Jon Voight, a down on his luck boxer who became a horse trainer to support his son. The tearjerker film ends with Ricky crying “Champ, wake up Champ”, as his father passes away. As the credit roll, Chris Thompson’s song pushes the emotions into overdrive.


“MEMORY MOTEL”        ROLLING STONES with DAVE MATTHEWS (guest vocalist)

Dave Matthews have become sort of a cult-rock hero.    Fans go crazy and will travel in packs to sell out his shows.   I am not of one of these fans.   I can count on two hands the number of DMB songs on my iPod.   Yet, there is something magical about this version of “Memory Motel”, a Stones heartbreaker from their 70’s album, Black & Blue.    This live version features a few verses by Dave that perfectly mesh with Mick’s style here and I’m surprised to actually prefer Dave’s version to the Rolling Stones original!



The party master, Lil Jon, kicks off this R&B club hit, with his iconic “HEY!”, before you know you it you’re caught in the groove.   “This one’s for the ladies, let’s take it back”.    Jay Sean is a British rapper, pop star.   His stage name is Jay Sean but his real name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti.    Being of Indian descent, he’s embraced his roots and been one of the most successful artists to blend Bhangra-Indian music with modern R&B.


“Remember when — we never had to remember when times were better
When times were better than this
We never had to remember when times were better
When times were better than this”

The hook line above for “Remember When” holds special memories for me.  There For Tomorrow is another pop punk sprouting out of Orlando, Florida.   It’s almost cliche to say but  the band’s history matches so many of their peers:   Aggressive debut CD, heading more in a pop direction with each new release,  a dedicated niche fan base,  a yearly regular on the Vans Warped Tours, and have yet to “hit it big”.