DON’T LET IT END: Underrated 80’s Love Songs by STYX and CINDERELLA


styx_guitarDennis DeYoung, lead singer of the rock band Styx, never hid his theatricality and his love of Broadway music.   Styx could rock with the best of the 80’s bands but ballads like Lady and Babe revealed a sensitivity that most arena bands weren’t willing to share with their audience.   On their 1983, “Kilroy Was Here” album, the band wanted to release this epic love song as the first single, but their studio insisted on the trendier “Mr. Roboto”.   The keyboard-driven follow-up “Don’t Let It End” went to #6 on the charts and remains one of those timeless, sweet 80’s songs that remind us of simpler times.


HEARTBREAK+STATIONCinderella is a proud member of the 80’s glam metal rocker bands but deep down the Pennsylvania rockers are an American blues band that went glam for the era. On their third album, Heartbreak Station, Tom Keifer and the band shared their love of traditional blues and produced a landmark album reminiscent of early Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones. The title cut was a slice of 80’s heaven, an emotional break-up song about the love of your life taking the “last train out of my heart”. Tom Keifer describes “Heartbreak Station” as his all-time favorite Cinderella record.