Don’t Stop The Party: Usher, Ludacris, Christina Aguilera, Pitbull


Often times before a new album is released, the artist will host a media only party to give a private listening to preview the new tracks. Here we get to sneak in at Christina Aguilera’s party for her new CD, “Lotus”. The song that makes the biggest immediate impact is “Army Of Me”, a song of personal strength and empowerment that would make a perfect 2nd single for Christina. “My Body”, despite a sexy video, crashed and burned on the charts. This track feels much more like the Christina Aguilera “Fighter”-sound we love.



“They say what don’t kill you makes you stronger, so two drinks a night should help me live longer.” You all know the expression, is the glass half full or half empty? The brand new video by Ludacris can be seen a lack of creativity, a rip off of the Usher/Guetta collaboration “Without You” OR….Ludacris is taking some musical chances by veering away from hip hop into the Eurobeat dance house craze. This much is undeniable, the stylish video has some magical visual imagery with the clouds, waves, birds in formation, and the beat grows on you with each listen.



John Lennon’s “Imagine” opened our minds and challenged our opinions on the world around us. U2’s “One” was Bono’s lyrical masterpiece that if we teamed up with one common goal with unified love, we can change the world. Then you have 2012 and Pitbull’s video for “Don’t Stop The Party”. This “deep” video set on the water off Miami’s South Beach shows we can make a difference in the world if we have enough alcohol, sexy Latina dancers, and the inspirational rhymes of Mr Wonderful. If the party never stops, there won’t be time to worry about war, famine, and the future of a world without Twinkies.