Double Dutchess – Fergie Goes Full-On Visual

Taking a cue from Beyonce’ and her Lemonade album, Fergie is back with not only a new album but releasing music videos for each of the songs all at once.   On the 11th Anniversary of her “Dutchess” CD, the once-member of the Black Eyed Peas, returns with a strong collection of pop/dance tunes that recall her earlier hits like “Fergilicious”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, and “Boom Boom Pow”.   Fergie, who has always been known for public image, debuted the visual representation of the album with a showcase screening at movie theaters last week.  Then she gave us the whole shebang in one special album release called Double Dutchess: Seeing Double that like a new Netflix series, lets the viewers binge watch it all at once.   The album features guest vocals by rappers Nicki Minaj (“You Already Know”), Rick Ross (“Hungry”), YG (“L.A. Love”), and even an appearance by her son, Axl Jack on “Enchante”.    The music videos take us deep inside Fergie’s life with celebrity cameos (Ciara, Chrissy Teigan, Kim Kardashian West, and Kendall Jenner), personal reflections on the song’s deeper meanings, and some rave scenes captured at this past Coachella festival (“Tension”).  Beyonce’s video producer, Jonas Akerlund also takes the helm for two of Fergie’s videos here. Check out five of the most captivating videos from the “Double Dutchess” collection:

“SAVE IT TIL MORNING”  – Fergie slows things down with a rewrite of her “Big Girls Don’t Cry” smash single.    “Why do you hurt the ones you love the most?” is the battle cry in a paparazzi-themed video with Fergie looking amazing sporting crimson hair.

“LIKE IT AIN’T NUTHIN” – From the opening beats, Old School raps meets Fergilicious 2008 – Borrowing from Salt N Pepa, “My Mic sounds nice” kicks off a funky hip hop track featuring Fergie trying out multiple new looks including a long blonde wig and a spiky brunette style.

“JUST LIKE YOU” – Crawling out of a smoke filled alley, the exquisite black and white artsy music video sets quite the mood. There’s a Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman-vibe here with Fergie in the sexy shape-enhancing catsuit and some black Stilettos.

“YOU ALREADY KNOW” Featuring Nicki Minaj – An instant YouTube viral video with Minaj taking over lead vocals with Fergie supplying the chorus. Loving the Rob Base throwback hook!

“LIFE GOES ON” – We’re heading to the beach for the laid-back bouncy pop anthem that will be an early nominee for a 2018 Spring Break road trip. Somehow Fergie defies the odds and looks a decade younger with less makeup as she cavorts in the sand as the waves come crashing in around her.