Ultimate TV Memory: Dr. Greene’s Last Moments on ER

What TV scene left the biggest impression on you? The most memorable moment in TV history?  You might be picturing the final episode of one of your favorite shows, but for me, nothing was more unforgettable than the last moments of Dr. Mark Greene on NBC’s ER in the 1990’s. Anthony Edwards was with the show from the first episode and truly captured the “heart and soul” of the Emmy winning hospital drama. Leading up to his final show, Dr Greene was battling terminal cancer and fighting it with all that he could muster.  With his fate determined, Mark went to Hawaii with his daughter to enjoy his final days.   He wanted to teach her to drive, surf, rekindle their relationship.  Fulfilling his bucket list, Dr Greene’s concluding scenes were punctuated by the soundtrack featuring the most beautiful ukelele driven version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.  It’s sung by the biggest selling Hawaiian artist of all-time, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.   Watching that final episode, it truly felt like a close friend had just died for real, an incredible TV moment I’ll NEVER forget.


Today’s blog is gut-wrenching, emotional, yet sometimes those deeply painful moments serve to remind us that we are truly alive. A sad song at the right moment digs into the depth of who you are and makes you appreciate the good things you have in life. I was thrilled to find someone combined the trilogy of Travis Tritt’s music video masterpieces into one 14 minute mini-movie. It’s the story of a Vietnam Vet and his return to the States and the woman he so deeply loves. Please grab a kleenex and watch one of the greatest country music video moments of all-time.   Watch for the plot twists!


I don’t want to leave anyone sad after watching these videos today so I’m concluding with one of those most cherished songs in music history and Joey Ramone’s uplifting rock version of the song. Joey was the godfather of punk and kept fighting until his last days alive. Like the title of his posthumous album, Don’t Worry About Me, Joey maintained a positive outlook on life even while battling lymphoma that ultimately took his life. The Louis Armstrong song gets a jolt of energy and you can FEEL THE LOVE in Joey’s voice here. Never take life for granted, each day is a gift, it’s up to you how you choose to live life!

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  1. “Never take life for granted, each day is a gift, it’s up to you how you choose to live life!” That’s the best thing I’ve heard in a very long time. Thanks Mike! 🙂