Drake ‘More Life’ – Top 5 Tracks To Download

Drake is looking to break records with his latest collection, “More Life”. Clocking in at 82 minutes and an overwhelming 22 tracks, the Canadian rapper is poised to potentially place every song on the iTunes Singles chart and set new records for overall digital downloads in the first month of release. “More Life” is all over the place but clearly a step forward after mixed reviews for his last LP, “Views“. Despite the huge success of tracks like “Controlla” and a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song (“One Dance”), some questioned Drake’s choice in musical direction after hearing “Views“. On the other hand, “More Life” is a unique career move, a sprawling piece of work that Drake calls a “playlist” over an actual album. The description fits as there appears to be little sense of order or sequencing in the placement of the songs on “More Life“. This is clearly his most accessible collection of songs to date and there is something fitting that he chose a picture of his father for the CD cover over another self-indulgent photo of himself. What are the Top 5 songs that you’ve got to download from “More Life“?

1. “Passionfruit” – Fans are universally jumping on this track as the “pick of the litter”. Over a glorious chilled out groove, Drake takes us on a laid-back musical journey that we wish would never end, unfortunately it only lasts five incredible minutes.

2. “Teenage Fever” – Another love story gone bad is enhanced by a sick beat and a killer reinterpretation of Jennifer Lopez’s lyrics from her 90s hit, “If You Had My Love”.

3. “Glow” – Kanye West and Drake team up again for the best collaboration since “Forever” with Eminem and Lil’ Wayne. Love Kanye dropping rhymes about his daughter on this own and the Old School Earth Wind And Fire sample during the last 30 seconds of the track.

4. “Madiba Riddim” – If you’re not bopping your head to the chorus “God knows I’m trying for you….” being chanted over a vibrant feel-good Jamaican vibe, you may not be alive.

5. “Get It Together” or “Can’t Have Everything” – You can’t get more opposite sides of the spectrum here. “Get It Together” is essentially a Black Coffee and Jorja Smith solo single featuring Drake. A breezy pop single that will remind you of “One Dance”. Or if you want something more aggressive, “Can’t Have Everything” has Drake throwing shade on his haters (Meek Mill references?).