Dust Off Your Country Boots:   Charlie Rich, Lorrie Morgan with The Beach Boys, Charly McClain

Dust Off Your Country Boots: Charlie Rich, Lorrie Morgan with The Beach Boys, Charly McClain

Mike Pease

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March 2nd, 2013



Lorrie+MorganIn the 80’s, the Beach Boys were making a comeback. Ronald Reagan chose the band for Independence Day events, summer concerts, and who can forget Kokomo. Their “Eternal Summer” attitude even drifted over into guest appearances on some country music records. Songbird, Lorrie Morgan, teamed up with the Beach Boys for a cover of the legendary “Don’t Worry Baby“, which sounds even more appropriate coming from a female’s perspective.


charlie rich behind-closed-doors1973’s Song Of The Year at the CMA’s, a Grammy for Best Male Country Performance, and a song listed in the top 10 country music songs of all-time, Behind Closed Doors is nostalgia gold and reminds us that they don’t make songs as timeless as this too often.   Unlike modern rap and pop hits that have to be graphic to get their point across, the Silver Fox’s song oozes sexuality in a subtle manner.   “But when they turn out the lights, I’ll know she’ll be leaving with me.   Cause when we get behind closed doors, Then she lets her hair hang down, And she makes me glad that I’m a man, Oh, no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors


charly mcclainCharly McClain was the Shania Twain of her time. A fixture at the famous Gilley’s Saloon featured in John Travolta’s movie, Urban Cowboy. Her singles, Who’s Cheating Who, and Sleeping With The Radio On, both topped the charts and her sexy, feminine style was a welcome addition to the male dominated country music scene. Charly even guest starred on the hottest shows at the time like Hart To Hart and CHiPs but by the mid-80’s was lost in the shuffle of the ever-changing music industry.

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