E.L.O. Rockin’ Out With “Ain’t It A Drag”

Who wins when your heart battles your mind for supremacy? Do you think with your head or more Jeff Lynne ELO 2016moved by your heart? The premiere of ELO’s “Ain’t It A Drag” brings the battle to life with an awesome animated music video. It’s been thirty year since the Electric Light Orchestra (aka E.L.O.) disbanded their original lineup.   In 2001, they got back together and recorded Zoom.  Now in just their second album in three decades, Jeff Lynne conjures up some old Beatles magic for the new single, “Ain’t It A Drag”.    While the majority of the new CD is slower and more introspective like the lead single, “When I Was A Boy,” the new song is a straight up rocker.   Besides the Beatles influence, Lynne credits a return to the Mersey Beat sound that influenced their earliest work like “Mr. Blue Sky” and “Showdown”.

ELO-tour-calendarThe new ELO album, Alone In The Universe, is actually credited to Jeff Lynne’s ELO after a series of knockout bands capitalized on the band’s illustrious name.  In fact, it should be labeled as a solo album as Lynne not only sings each song, he played every instrument but the tamborine on each track!   Jeff said, “A good song can make people feel much alone in the universe and trying to create one of those songs somehow makes me feel less alone too.”