Edge Of A Revolution: New Rock Videos


nickelback edge of a revolution“We won’t lay down and accept this fate, we’re standing on the edge of a revolution”. The Occupy movement, Putin and the Ukraine, strife in the Middle East, ISIS, Wall Street’s fiasco of the moment, and another election year is right around the corner. Who’d have guessed that Nickelback would be rocking out a political anthem at this point of their career? “Edge Of A Revolution” is a throw your fists up in the air, call to arms to “not take this sh*t anymore”. The Wayne Isham directed video is really entertaining. A dark classroom lit up by the backdrop of a giant screen flashing images of the craziness of the world today. The students break into a free-for-all desk throwing revolution as Nickelback’s energy empowers their eruption. The much-maligned Canadian rockers will have a new CD out by this fall.


Skid Row 2014This is not your 80’s era, Skid Row. Sebastian Bach is busy competing on horrible reality TV shows (Sing Your Face Off) and working on his latest solo record (Give ‘Em Hell). For the past few years, Skid Row is fronted by Johnny Solinger and the New Jersey rockers haven’t seen any success reminiscent of their glory days in the 80’s. Their new CD, “United World Rebellion: Chapter Two” is an EP of five new songs plus a couple of covers including Aerosmith’s “Rats In The Cellar”. The CD kicks off with the best track, “We Are The Damned”, an energetic rebellious rocker that will probably cause a speeding ticket if you’re blasting this one while driving. Sebastian Bach has shot down rumors of another Skid Row reunion, maybe American Idol will need a new judge next year?