Electrodance Hits Featuring Elton John


The University of South Florida renovated their Sun Dome arena and had a special grand opening of the facility with an Elton John concert.  The concert featured all of Elton’s signature songs and the crowd was in for a nostalgic nights of treasured memories.  Although it’s been years since Elton’s topped the charts, he’s still taking musical chances late in his career.   In 2012 he teamed up with a little known Australian dance duo named Pnau and re-entered the singles chart.  While in a record store in Sydney, Elton picked up Pnau’s album and fell in love with their sound.  He contacted the band and quickly signed them to his management company.    Given the green light to take Elton’s catalog of music from the 70’s and revamp it to their style, the pop duo added a fun modern touch to some songs almost 50 years old.   Their CD, “Good Morning To The Night” was a hit and miss CD of dance music featuring EDM beats often mixed with classic Elton John vocals.   The most memorable track “Sad” copped a lyric from Elton’s “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” and musical elements of his album track, “Curtains”.

     In 2014 and 2015, Elton John handed a Willy Wonka golden ticket to newcomer, Rod Thomas (AKA Bright Light Bright Light) to open for the legend on 55 dates of his world tour.   The Welsh singer/songwriter based out of London got the crowds hyped with his upbeat electropop hits.   The highlight of his set was “I Wish We Were Leaving”, a song from his 2013 EP, “In Your Care” that borrows a lit from the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”.  The original version of “I Wish…” featured Elton John on the chorus and added legitimacy to the new singer’s career.   Although the song failed to chart, it opened the door for his epic run as an opening act for Sir Elton John. They continued to collaborate over the years including a more successful pairing for “All In The Name”.