Elton John Saves R&R, Water Skiing Squirrels, and a Lifesaving Mashup

DJ Earworm’s CPR Lifesaver Mix
CPR trainingMash-up genius, DJ Earworm, teamed up the American Heart Association and the WellPoint Foundation for a truly life-saving song.   It’s reported that 80% of all cardiac arrests occur in the home.   What would you do if a loved one needed your help?  Do you know CPR? June 1st to 7th is CPR and AED Awareness Week.  Earworm’s latest mash-up is set just above a 100 beats per minute rate, the same pace needed to perform Hands-Only CPR chest compressions to save a life.   Salt N Pepa’s “Push It”, Karmin’s “Pulses”, and NoNoNo’s “Pumpin’ Blood” not only have the perfect song titles, they mesh beautifully in this mix.  DJ Earworm is best known for his end-of-year Top 40 mash-ups, United State of Pop, check out a previous version.

SAVE ROCK AND ROLL” Fall Out Boy with Elton John

elton fall out boy save rock and rollElton John as God, Tommy Lee as the Devil, an angelic Courtney Love, a blood-splatter fest? The shocking new Fall Out Boy video, “Save Rock And Roll” is the conclusion of their 11 part video series, The Young Blood Chronicles. A little part Walking Dead, some True Blood, and even some nostalgic black and white horror film footage all come together for one of the wildest videos of the year. The hookline, “You are what you love not what loves you” is unforgettable. Not sure if the song truly “saves rock and roll” but the addition of Elton John on the track is unbelievable! After hearing he was a fan of Fall Out Boy, great job by Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump to get the legend to actually record this song with them.

“RIVER BANK” Brad Paisley

water skiing squirrel brad paisley river bankAny music video that opens with an actual water skiing squirrel has already caught my attention! Brad Paisley’s latest “River Bank” continues his string of tongue-in-cheek trendy songs like “I’m Gonna Miss Her”, “Alcohol”, and “Celebrity”. The video captures a summer time boat party with lots of pretty girls, tequila shots, and the luckiest squirrel in the world. Public Service Announcement: If you’re partying while standing in the river, I wouldn’t recommend imitating Brad’s electric guitar solo here! On a side note, Brad recently joined President Obama for a secret appearance for the troops. Brad played an hour long acoustic set for our boys.