Eminem with Bruno Mars, Collide (sexy Pink Floyd cover), Burn Halo


Following the pattern of the #1 hit with Rihanna, Eminem teams with a pop artist for an intense and inspirational song.   It’s from an EP with rapper Royce da 5’9 and it’s the only commercial track on the CD.   The song has gotten mixed reviews but I really like the blending of the different styles.   It’s got a positive message and video uses Eminem waving flares to illuminate the Lighters theme.


Technically it’s not a new song but it’s new to me 🙂     Collide’s music is really hard to describe.   It’s electronica, dark yet inspiring, atmospheric, with some Middle Eastern influences.    Collide is a duo from L.A.  and this song comes from a 2010 CD of covers.   All of their music is hypnotic, original, and sexually charged.    “Comfortably Numb” is obviously a cover of Pink Floyd’s smash from The Wall but this version brings up totally different emotions experiencing this unique cover.

“THREW IT AWAY”                            BURN HALO

From their 2nd CD, Burn Halo, releases this radio friendly rocker that has a classic, vintage, “hair metal” sound especially in the chorus.   The band toured with Adema and Puddle of Mudd last year.    Didn’t love this CD but this song is killer.