Blind Melon’s Bee Girl all grown up! Plus 90’s rockers, Brother Cane


Brother CaneDo you remember Brother Cane? Listen to this band’s resume: Debut album has 3 Top 10 Singles including “Got No Shame” which went to #2 and became an MTV Headbanger’s Ball favorite. Second album, “Seeds”, has 3 Top 30 hits including a #1 song, And Fools Rush In. Third album, “Wishpool”, continues their chart dominance with the #1 hit, “I Lie In The Bed I Make”. The Birmingham, Alabama hard rock band, Brother Cane, had an amazing five year run from 1993 to 1998. Their style was a merging of Southern Rock, Alice In Chains, and a strong dose of Stone Temple Pilots. But like a mirage, poof!…..they were gone. They popped up in 2005 for 2 reunion concerts when they opened for Van Halen. But, this once promising band with so much potential left us way too soon.



blind melon shannon hoonIt’s hard to imagine a more iconic 90’s rock music image than the little girl in the bumblebee outfit. The quirky and massively popular “No Rain” put Blind Melon on heavy rotation on MTV. But the band’s true sound was captured in their second single “Change”. Here, lead singer, Shannon Hoon, compared favorably to a softer version of Axl Rose. In fact, Shannon later even traded verses with Axl in Guns N Roses’ #1 hit, “Don’t Cry”. When Shannon died of an overdose in October 1995, Blind Melon never recovered. The psychedelic Los Angeles rockers left a huge mark on 90’s rock in only two albums.