Epic Latin Emotional Performances: Shakira, Marc Anthony, La Quinta Estacion

Shakira in blackRock Star! You’ve got to back to 1998 to Shakira’s second album for “Si Te Vas”. Translated as If You Go, Shakira describes the hurt feeling of being replaced by another and moving on with your life. The song has become one of Shakira’s most popular songs in her concerts. Her version during the MTV Unplugged session is legendary and she included it on her recent live DVD for her Oral Fixation Tour. Shakira mesmerizes the audience in this performance and even gets the fists pumping by the dramatic finish of the song.


marc-anthony-63Marc Anthony dedicated this emotional ballad to his daughter, Arianna, on his first English language CD. Back in 1999, Spanish artists were crossing over onto the U.S. charts big time. You had Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, and Marc Anthony leading the Latin explosion. In 2000, HBO featured Marc Anthony’s sold out show in Madison Square Garden on Valentine’s Day. This version of My Baby You comes from Marc’s landmark HBO special.


Natalia JimenezIn the States, they’re known as La Quinta Estacion but to the rest of the world, they go by La 5A Estacion. The duo come from Madrid, Spain and lead singer, Natalia Jimenez, has such a powerful voice and incredible stage presence. This song and video, Nina, created some controversy when released. The band wrote the song from the perspective of a handicapped girl. After almost 10 years together, the duo have parted ways and Natalia’s biggest recent claim to fame is her duet with Ricky Martin on “Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tú”. They’ve promised that La Quinta Estacion is not officially done and another album will happen one day.

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