Falling In Reverse – Coming Home Review

“I think it’s finally sinking in”. With these prophetic words from “Broken”, the preeminent song from Las Vegas rockers, Falling In Reverse’s latest album, the band has finally made the jump from being “just one of those bands on the Warped Tour undercard” to headlining act.   Their fourth album, “Coming Home” finds the band maturing and at the top of their game.  By softening their post-hardcore approach, the band got more experimental and dare I say it, achieved a more mainstream sound.    Falling In Reverse has finally a full fledged album that holds your attention from start to finish with no filler tracks.   Melodic melodies, a dash of Emo, space rock, a little Glam metal, and pop punk hooks are finding their way between their standard post-hardcore style.    The first three singles, the title track, “Loser”, and “Broken” have all been on heavy rotation and the first official music video was released this week for “Coming Home”.

Essential tracks on “Coming Home”:

  1.  “Broken” – It’s like My Chemical Romance and A Day To Remember merged for the most emotional and albeit, heaviest radio-friendly track on the album.    A+
  2. “Straight To Hell” – Can only be played at maximum volume, a killer track that will translate amazing on tour.    A
  3. “Coming Home” – the softer piano melody and the music video feels like a follow-up to Sandra Bullock’s movie, “Gravity”     A
  4. “I Don’t Mind” – after a power ballad-like introduction, the song continues to build in intensity deeper and deeper before showcasing their harder edged sound.     A-
  5. “Superhero”  –  A little more predictable than the four standout tracks but “Superhero” is ready-made for a movie soundtrack.    B
  6. “Fuck You And All Your Friends” –  throwback pop punk sound with a nod to bands like Green Day and Brand New.    B

Overall: “Coming Home” is an exponential improvement from their last album, “Just Like You”.   While the last album had a tendency to veer to much to the extremes (too silly and poppy like “Get Me Out” or hard-core), Falling In Reverse have finally found their niche and have released the best album in their career to date.