Far From Over: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rev Theory, Crashdiet Album Review


red-hot-chili-peppers-look-around-videoHow did I miss this video? Released a year ago, Look Around comes from I’m With You, the tenth CD by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In typical Anthony Kiedis non-linear rap-rock style, the Rick Rubin produced track reminds me of Around The World from their Californication days. The video highlights four different rooms giving each band member equal opportunity to capture our imagination. Flea in tighty-whitey underwear, Anthony dancing with his dog and his son, Everly, Chad gets a boxing heavy bag, and Chad’s room is understated with simply a table and a lamp.


Revtheory-lightitup_artworkIn 2007, Rev Theory received the benefits of touring with Hinder, Buckcherry, and Papa Roach as each of these bands were exploding on the rock/metal scene. With this added exposure and their high energy live sets, Rev Theory gained a new fan base. Far From Over was the second single on their second CD, Light It Up. The song went to #15 on the Modern Rock Charts and remains the biggest hit for Rev Theory.




crashdiet2012For the past eight years, Sweden’s glam rockers, Crashdiet, have been reviving the spirit of the 80’s hair metal bands. Their album, Generation Wild, was a trip back in time with L.A. Sunset Strip sleaze and down and dirty rock anthems. Crashdiet’s latest album, The Savage Playground, is a huge disappointment. On one hand, you’ve got to love they wanted to get experimental and deviate from their “sound”. But as you listen to the CD, you keep waiting for that one killer song to hit ‘replay’, it doesn’t happen. Formula rockers (California, Change The World), ripoffs of other bands (Lickin’ Dog and Damaged Kid), and attempts at new styles that just don’t work. The highlight is Drinking Without You, a glimmer of 2005 Crashdiet.