Fast And The Furious Soundtracks: 2 Chainz with Wiz Khalifa, Don Omar

Fast-To-Furious-Car-HDBlockbuster movies carefully choose dates for their premiere weekend to hit #1 and rake in maximum dollars.  Rarely have two mega franchise films competed so famously battled as this Memorial Day weekend.  Hangover 3 vs. Fast And Furious 6:  Battle Royale!   Well call this one a knockout punch, FF6 cleared almost $100 million to Hangover’s $45 million weekend receipts.  The 6th movie in the series was the most explosive, Gina Carano, The Rock, and the return of Michelle Rodriguez along with some of the greatest chase scenes in movie history propelled the film to record ticket sale numbers.

fast-furious-6-movie-2013The Fast And Furious movie franchise has seen a rollercoaster of highs and lows but each release has consistently provided epic movie soundtracks of the latest hip hop, Latin, and rap hits. The films have musicians in the cast including Ludacris, Tyrese, Ja Rule, and Don Omar who’ve contributed credibility to the soundtrack. Three prominent examples are included today:

1.  Don Omar featuring Tego Calderon with a reggaeton jam from Tokyo Drift (they also appear in the film).


2.  K’Jon from 2 Fast 2 Furious, this song along with Ludacris’ Act A Fool set the mood

3.  From the most recent film, 2 Chainz with Wiz Khalifa add the ultimate attitude adjustment track to compliment the finale, a chase scene with an airplane on the world’s longest runway!!