Fast Times At Ridgemont High: Don Henley The Who, and Saosin


Most people nowadays think of this as the theme song for CSI.  The Who are rock royalty.  If you were creating an all-star supergroup, choosing Roger Daltrey as your lead singer or Pete Townshend for lead guitar, or the rhythm section of Entwistle and Keith Moon, you’d be praised for great selections.  This video captures the Who at their best, technical wizards, playful (watch Keith and not smile!), and true rock stars.   It’s from the movie “The Kids Are Alright” so a certain word is missing from the chorus.


Imagine if you could back to high school knowing what you know now?   “Love Rules” is a hidden gem from the soundtrack of 80’s teen classic, Fast Times At Ridgemont High.   “Love Rules” perfectly describes awkward teenage emotions and indecision over a high school crush.   Don Henley was the most successful of the Eagles going solo and this was recorded during the time of his debut CD.


Saosin, “caution” in Chinese, released their debut CD in 2003.   Hailing from California, they’ve been on the ’06 Warped Tour and I discovered them in ’07 on Linkin Park’s Projekt Revolution.  I recently heard about someone near to a friend of mine who was recently contemplating suicide.  Thankfully, he made the right decision and doing much better.  “You’re Not Alone” is a reminder that we all have SOMEONE who will help.   As the saying goes, “angels are among us”, we are not alone.