Fast Times At Ridgemont High Movie Trivia

“Fast Times At Ridgemont High” didn’t win any Oscars, but if you’re from the 80s it was an unforgettable rite of passage movie that changed the game.  Jeff Spicoli, Phoebe Cates coming out of the pool, Judge Reinhold in his pirate hat….. Some critique the movie and call it another silly teen sex flick but the film launched the careers of many prominent A-List actors.   Let’s see how well you remember the movie with some Fast Times At Ridgemont High trivia.    To give you a little headstart, watch a preview clip of “Somebody’s Baby” to remind you of some great scenes!

  1.  Jeff Spicoli got in trouble in Mr. Hand’s class when who showed up to the classroom?   A.  The Principal  B. A Pizza Delivery Guy   C. The Police   D.  His surfing buddies
  2.   Mike Damone gave his 5 tips for dating.  Rule #5 was whenever possible play Side II of what album?   A.  Saturday Night Fever   B.  Led Zeppelin IV   C. Born To Run   D. Hotel California
  3. Which of these are FALSE?   A. Eccentric Twin Peaks director, David Lynch, was originally offered the director role    B.  The film almost got an X rating for a scene of male nudity   C. Tom Cruise made an brief but uncredited cameo at the restaurant   D. Jennifer Jason Leigh worked at the pizzeria for real to prepare for her role in the movie
  4.  The lady who laughed Brad in the car with the pirate hat went on to marry writer Cameron Crowe.  Which rocker is she?  A.  Nancy Wilson of Heart   B.  Susannah Hoffs of The Bangles   C. Lita Ford    D. Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go’s
  5.  What was the budget for the film that went on to become a cult classic?   A.  $450,000    B.  $1 Million   C. $5 Million    D. 24 Million
  6.  Sean Penn’s shoes in the movie sparked huge sales for what company?    A.  Nike    B. Sperry   C. Converse   D. Vans
  7.  Forrest Whitaker played the high school’s star football player.  What was his Presidential name in the movie?   A. Thomas Washington   B.  Lew Monroe   C.   Andrew Lincoln  D. Charles Jefferson
  8.  What was Phoebe Cates character name in the film?   A. Pam  B. Susan   C. Stacy   D. Linda
  9.  Brad’s bud was the first film role for what 17 year old future Hollywood star?    A. Brad Pitt   B. Keanu Reeves   C. Nicholas Cage   D. Michael Keaton
  10. Director Amy Hecklering went on direct each of these films EXCEPT:   A. Clueless   B. Look Who’s Talking  C. National Lampoon’s European Vacation   D. Almost Famous



  1.  B  (Pizza Guy)     2. B (Led Zeppelin)    3.  C (No Tom Cruise)    4.  A (Nancy Wilson, side note Bruce Springsteen’s sister Pam was also in the film!)    5.  C ($5 Million and went on make $30 million)    6.  D (Vans)   7.  D (Charles Jefferson, Andrew Lincoln is from the Walking Dead)   8. D (Linda, Stacy was Jennifer Leigh’s character)  9. C (Nicolas Cage, the only underage actor in the film)  10. D (Almost Famous was written by Cameron Crowe but Amy didn’t direct that one).

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