FEEL GOOD COUNTRY CLASSICS: Vince Gill, Alan Jackson, Jeff Carson

Vince-Gill-High-Lonesome-SoundA well deserved Grammy Award in 1996 for Best Male Country Vocal Performance was awarded to Vince Gill for this tender love song. The vocals soar but it’s that lovely melody and the intricate and beautiful guitar solo that really shine on Vince’s ballad. The lyrics work as a touching love song but Vince wrote the song after being inspired by the story of a little Nashville girl who was kidnapped and found dead. The song works on both levels and it’s another example of the genius of Vince Gill as a singer, guitarist, writer, and producer.

AlanJacksonAlan Jackson’s 9th #1 hit is dedicated to those couples that miraculously found a way to go from high school sweethearts and maintaining their love affair into the golden age of their lives together. It’s 100% sentimental, borderline corny, but it’s such a feel good story that Alan captures in his mid-tempo traditional country hit.



Two young people without a thing
Say some vows and spread their winds
Settle down with just what they need
Livin’ on love

Two old people without a thing
Children gone but still they sing
Side by side in that front porch swing
Livin’ on love


5.1.2If you’ve never heard of Jeff Carson or can’t name any of his songs, you’re likely not alone. Currently he’s retired from music and works in law enforcement but Jeff had some minor hits in the 90’s like “The Car” and “Holding On To Something“.  Most of his music never struck a chord with a wide audience. Although, he did write a song called Butterfly Kisses that became a big hit for Bob Carlisle. Shine On was the lead single on Jeff’s third CD, it crashed and burned on the charts but it’s one of those inspirational, joyous songs that lift your spirit and make you heart happy. Enjoy a lost classic!